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Sheila Hamilton, Author, Coach & Life Mentor,
welcomes you to her Independent Consultancy.

Sheila is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience to enable and empower others to:

  • Reclaim their talents and explore potential
  • Challenge their “comfort zone”
  • Build both mental strength and resilience
  • Grow positively in self-worth and self-belief

Not to mention, have fun along the way!

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Social Responsibility:

Sheila Hamilton is humbled and excited to be involved with this new and forward thinking Charity. Healed Scars (SCO SC050460) offers accessible support services for those who have experienced trauma or abuse and wish to rebuild their lives. This empowering calendar tells the story of 12 amazing survivors, who have turned their lives around. All profits go to the Charity.

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Sheila Hamilton of T.I.P.S. believes that to achieve a successful outcome, it is less about WHAT we do and more about HOW we do it. To enable you to develop your talent and uncover your potential, a variety of services, all tailored to your needs, are offered ranging from highly interactive training workshops, individual coaching sessions to life mentoring.
  • Make sure you get your hands on a set of these books!

    Ray Brown, Coach, Mentor and Founder of

    Sheila Hamilton has been a friend of mine for more years than I care to remember. She has always been a searcher for new ideas and since she started writing her My Route to…” Series of books the great ideas have simply blossomed. People today are more lost and confused that they have ever been. They are looking for support and guidance in a way that’s non-threatening. Sheila’s books are a gift for those that want to improve the soft skills that are so necessary in today’s fast paced world. The books are an easy read, filled with insightful questions and laid out in a unique and imaginative way.

  • Testimonial

    I feel that team spirit has improved vastly. Thanks T.I.P.S.

    Yvonne Gilbert, Managing Director, Aberdeen Property Leasing Ltd

    Since everyone, including the Directors, attended one of the sessions Sheila carried out, I feel that team spirit has improved vastly. There is also a better understanding, within the office, of each other's different priorities, problems and pressures. We look forward to the next set of sessions.

  • Testimonial

    “Useful practical advice on not just what to do, but how to do it.”

    Richard Johnston, Director, activitymix ltd.

    The workshop on Presentation Skills that Sheila Hamilton did for activitymix has definitely benefited all the employees that attended. As well as useful practical advice on not just what to do, but how to do it, (telling us to speak slower would have been little use, but telling us how to make sure we spoke slower was very helpful), she also helped us gain confidence in our presentation abilities. I am sure this will improve the quality of our events from now on.