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About The Author

Written from the experience and wisdom of Certified NLP Practitioner, Sheila Hamilton MCIPD, the ‘My Route To’ series has built a solid hallmark for helping readers unleash their strengths in everything from public speaking and leadership to communication and self-confidence. 


Sheila Hamilton, Author, Coach & Life Mentor,
welcomes you to her Independent Consultancy.

Sheila is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience to enable and empower others to:

  • Reclaim their talents and explore potential
  • Challenge their “comfort zone”
  • Build both mental strength and resilience
  • Grow positively in self-worth and self-belief

Not to mention, have fun along the way!

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Sheila Hamilton of T.I.P.S. believes that to achieve a successful outcome, it is less about WHAT we do and more about HOW we do it. To enable you to develop your talent and uncover your potential, a variety of services, all tailored to your needs, are offered ranging from highly interactive training workshops, individual coaching sessions to life mentoring.

How often have your overheard someone saying, or indeed said yourself, any of the following: Certain members of my team just don’t do as…

Are you wanting to develop your potential but need some help? Are you willing to consider long term changes in the way you think and behave?…

We all have at sometime in our lives turned to someone to bounce ideas off of and ask for advice A Mentor’s role is to be that objective and non-judgemental…

Which Book Is Right For You?

  • Self-belief and mental strength revitalised
  • No rules of engagement!
  • Talents and transferable skills reclaimed
  • Positive patterns of behaviour reinforced
  • New strengths discovered, limiting beliefs banished
  • New paths followed based on self-reflection and self-evaluation
  • Coaching support available on request from the Author
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Social Responsibility

Sheila Hamilton is humbled and excited to be involved with new and forward-thinking Charities such as Healed Scars (SCO SC050460) who offer accessible support services. Primarily for those who have experienced trauma or abuse and wish to rebuild their lives. And Bonnymuir Green Community Trust, creating an urban sustainability hub.