What’s in a New Year Resolution

It’s a New Year and armed with the experiences, both good and bad, from 2015, what is 2016 going to be like? I am filled with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

Like many of you, I am in the mindset of revisiting some old goals and setting some new ones for the coming year. But, and it is a big “but”, how do I keep motivated to achieve them?

One goal that I will share is to be writing these blogs more regularly but already I have identified some of the traps I can so easily and will fall into!

I am already becoming impatient! I can’t get the wording right, I am quickly losing enthusiasm and even making excuses about why I need to stop. So how can I keep going, what resources do I need to tap into?

While out for a walk, I found these boards outside an Australian Primary School and thought “well these say it all!” no matter our background, age or walk of life so let’s look at each board.

Firstly, RESPECT is a crucial resource. I need to RESPECT myself and be respectful of other people’s opinions listening more.

I need to be CONFIDENT in my own abilities and not feel threatened by those who know more. Their knowledge will help my own development.

I must be RESPONSIBLE. By basing decisions on sound problem solving, I need to take full responsibility for any consequences that may result.

I can only achieve results when I CO-OPERATE positively with others, appreciating (although not always agreeing with) their point of view

And importantly personal and professional RESILIENCE is essential to enable me to cope with all the ups and downs that life will throw at me – and it will! But that is the exciting challenge, to learn from all these experiences, from where I got it wrong, how to do it differently the next time and especially how to remain positive and hopeful for the year to come.

My goals are set, I have developed a positive strategy for achieving them and now that I have declared one of them, to write this blog more regularly, you can monitor how well I am doing!