What’s in a moment?

I have recently finished reading The Moment by Douglas Kennedy, where he challenges the reader to consider a “moment”, or indeed moments, in their lives that changes everything, whether for good or bad. It is these moments that impact on who we become and how we live our lives and this made me reflect on some of the moments in my life that had a major impact on the path I now take.

From the moment I started school to leaving it, to deciding which University to attend and degree to follow, to a successful interview for a graduate job that I only lasted 6 months in as it was not the job for me, a decision to then complete a Teacher Training course and then the moment I saw an advert that said “Fly FREE to Australia and teach.”

What if I had never seen that advert and decided to seize that moment? I already had another post lined up in London, so if I had gone there, where would I be now and what would I be doing? Would I have met my husband, another “moment” that changed my life, had children and even be sitting at this laptop writing this blog, while hearing the rain lashing against my window?

One thing is for sure that there are many, many moments in our lives and all influence the future in some way or another. I believe the trick is to embrace them, learn from them whether they are good or bad moments – and we have all had our share of both. They are what makes us who we are and if we want to continually grow and develop, we need to recognise these moments, realise we chose what to do based on the circumstances at the time and not regret any decisions made. Failure to make the right decision has its consequences but if we regret the decision we make this continues to cloud our thoughts and affect our judgement.

Martin Luther King said that “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Seize the moments, be aware of the consequences of the choices you have and accept the decisions you make. It may prove to have been the wrong one but we will only find that out in the future and whatever happens, we will grow in knowledge and experience, helping us deal with the next “moment” and the next and the next and the ………….

Image source: http://www.douglaskennedynovelist.com/2012/04/excerpt-from-the-moment/the-moment-5/
Image source: http://www.douglaskennedynovelist.com/2012/04/excerpt-from-the-moment/the-moment-5/