What’s in 3 seconds?

Are you the tortoise or the hare? Which pace reflects your daily life and what impact is that having on your stress levels?

I was recently at a Google Analytics Workshop where I was told that, in general, people downloading a page will not wait much longer than 3 seconds before moving on.

What does this say about people’s attention spans, stress levels and lack of patience?

As a business, I feel the pressure to ensure that each page on my website and social media:

  • meets the criteria of taking less than 4 seconds to upload
  • can be viewed easily on a mobile phone
  • will not cause a “drop off” en route to paying for items in their basket

This, along with being constantly prompted by social media to post something, all seems to indicate a growing culture of being permanently attached to our phones because “we need it now.” The consequence of not being visible is people can and will go somewhere else.

My concern is that if the norm of everyday pressures means being constantly on my phone and worrying about how my various platforms are performing, how is this affecting my own and others’ emotional effectiveness, not to mention my memory capacity?

We no longer need to retain information – we can always look it up, again and again, on any search engine. We can ask our friendly “robot” anything from simple basic questions to even making decisions for us. We no longer need to be able to “read a map” as technology will get us there – eventually!!

Handwriting is becoming a skill of the past but what will take its place? Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for this help, especially, for example, driving in an area I am unsure of. However, I do find that I am not taking notice of the surroundings nor retaining the route so when I have to return at a later date, I simply switch on my phone and follow the route, rather than use my memory, or indeed try another route which may be longer but more scenic.

Many of you may think I am being rather “old fashioned” but this constant barrage of pressure is, I believe, helping anxiety levels build, resulting in less patience with each other, less listening and understanding, less time for self-reflection and relaxation.

I am conscious I need to be aware of these trends but it does not mean I have to follow them to the letter. I will go at a pace that is both viable and healthy for both myself and my business. Yes, it may me the tortoise’s route that I follow, but he did win!!