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How often have your overheard someone saying, or indeed said yourself, any of the following:

“Certain members of my team just don’t do as I ask!”
“I think I know what I want in life but I how do I go about getting it?”
“I seem to have lost my confidence, can’t speak up for myself”
“I really want to go for that promotion but I can’t do formulas!”

Developing the relevant behavioural skill set is needed to address these concerns and will ensure future positive interactions both professionally and personally.

Courses are tailored to the level of knowledge and skill of those participating and are offered on a half day or full day basis, depending on numbers. Alternatively, courses can be combined into a series of highly interactive workshops or developmental coaching sessions, whatever suits best.

Relevance of content, activities and having fun are the key to promoting enthusiasm, creativity and commitment to long term behavioural change. Even the dreaded use of video analysis, used for some courses, is beneficial in letting you “see yourself as others see you!”

Analysis and evaluation of the impact of the training session will lead to Action Planning.

A “Follow Up” service to help monitor progress is also available on request.

Course notes and a Certificate of Attendance will accompany all training sessions.

Sample courses to address these issues include:

  • Developing professional resilience including “mathematical resilience”
  • Personal effectiveness in communicating and interacting with others
  • Improving self confidence and self belief
  • Presenting with aplomb
  • Goal setting, leadership and performance management
  • Creating positive business relationships.

Don’t see what you are looking for?

Sheila Hamilton of T.I.P.S. is happy to discuss and carry out a needs analysis then design and deliver a customised course.