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Destination: Growth in mental strength, natural resilience and self-belief.

Which Book Is Right For You?

  • Self-belief and mental strength revitalised
  • No rules of engagement!
  • Talents and transferable skills reclaimed
  • Positive patterns of behaviour reinforced
  • New strengths discovered, limiting beliefs banished
  • New paths followed based on self-reflection and self-evaluation
  • Coaching support available on request from the Author

Be enlightened and empowered with this series of illustrated activity-based workbooks by Sheila Hamilton. Spend quality “me” time reclaiming talents, exploring potential and reinforcing positive behaviours through self-reflection, self-evaluation and goal setting.

Prepare to be challenged, taken out of your comfort zone and find the Route that is right for you.

PDF DOWNLOAD – single use license
Worldwide delivery charges available on request.
Multi-use license available on request

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