Spot the difference!

Remember in my last blog, I was inspired by a series of boards in front of an Australian Primary School and discussed the importance of each? These were this school’s 5 Key Foundations.

With further research, I found that these “Keys” are taught as part of the curriculum to develop positive habits of the mind, based on the idea of developing the social and emotional competence of children. What a great idea.
Interestingly, those ones I had found had been adapted from the original 5 Keys which formed the basis for the “You can do it!” Victoria Education initiative (YCDI!), founded by Professor M E Bernard.

And yes, I found a set of boards showing these, outside another school.


The YCDI! Keys are: Organisation; Getting along; Confidence; Persistence and Resilience.

So what was changed?

Yes, Respect and Responsibility in that first school had replaced the Organisation and Persistence Keys. I believe that all 7 are important and can be inferred from each other. It all depends on the interpretation of how best to support the emotional and achievement outcomes of the students.

For example, we do need Organisation as a competence but what does it actually mean? Surely, underlying organisation is the ability to understand others, to be prepared, to manage our time and be Responsible for our own effort.

Persistence is not about blindly keeping going, it is more about not giving up too easily, not being distracted by others or even a more interesting task. Again, Responsibility for our own actions is crucial as well as showing Respect for both ourselves and those we interact with.

Sadly, it is not only Primary School children who need this competence base! It is all of us, no matter what stage in our life we are. Who does not have at least one goal to achieve? Are you learning a new skill, becoming a new Team Leader, wanting to save for a holiday or even want to stop feeling intimidated by certain colleagues/friends – they are all goals.

It is all about our MIND SET!

We have a social responsibility to engage, empower and enhance ourselves and others to become the best we can be. This takes self-confidence, emotional effectiveness and controlling our own behaviours. Our ability to move forward in a positive mind set is something we can and need to learn and develop from and with others.

These “Keys” are a wonderful pathway to follow. Let’s start now!