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Saver Bundle – All Four Books


Not sure which book to choose? Believe that all these areas are relevant to your ability to become the person you want to be? Want to save some money? Then why not take advantage of this discounted deal, which has a copy of each of the four books in the series, namely:

My Route to Greater Self Confidence

My Route to Giving an E.P.I.C. Talk (Engaging; Passionate; Impactful and Credible)

My Route to Evolving My Communication Style

My Route to Bringing Out the Leader in Me

These books are designed to complement each other. There is no set order and each book is a unit in itself, but when you complete all four workbooks, you will have an in-depth awareness of those talents you need to reclaim and which new positive behaviours to develop. Together, the workbooks will reinforce those thoughts, feelings and behaviours that you need to enable and empower you to continue your route to self-discovery.

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