Navigating New Career Opportunities (PDF)


This Book in the My Route to… Series will guide you to

  • Explore possibilities, chart existing talents and discover transferable skills
  • Prepare emotionally for change and avoid “The Doldrums”
  • Plan how to impress at interview and be ready for this new opportunity


  1. Exploration Planning
  2. Career Direction
  3. Mapping a Course
  4. The Doldrums
  5. Taking Stock
  6. Interview Ahoy
  7. New Horizons
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Are you unsure of how to move your career forward at this challenging time of changing job markets? Do you want to identify where your strengths lie, discover which gaps to fill and impress at interview, whether selection of appraisal?

Explore your own “Unique Route” and discover how you can reinforce those transferrable skills, provide evidence to support an application and confidently promote the best version of you.

  • Explore your potential, reclaim those long-forgotten talents. Grow in mental strength, natural resilience and self-belief.
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Sheila Hamilton has been a friend of mine for more years than I care to remember. She has always been a searcher for new ideas and since she started writing her My Route to…” Series of books the great ideas have simply blossomed. People today are more lost and confused that they have ever been. They are looking for support and guidance in a way that’s non-threatening. Sheila’s books are a gift for those that want to improve the soft skills that are so necessary in today’s fast paced world. The books are an easy read, filled with insightful questions and laid out in a unique and imaginative way. Make sure you get your hands on a set of these books.

Ray Brown
Coach, Mentor and Founder of


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