Navigating New Career Opportunities (Hardcopy)

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This Book in the My Route to… Series will guide you to

  • Explore possibilities, chart existing talents and discover transferable skills
  • Prepare emotionally for change and avoid “The Doldrums”
  • Plan how to impress at interview and be ready for this new opportunity


  1. Exploration Planning
  2. Career Direction
  3. Mapping a Course
  4. The Doldrums
  5. Taking Stock
  6. Interview Ahoy
  7. New Horizons
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Are you unsure of how to move your career forward at this challenging time of changing job markets? Do you want to identify where your strengths lie, discover which gaps to fill and impress at interview, whether selection of appraisal?

Explore your own “Unique Route” and discover how you can reinforce those transferrable skills, provide evidence to support an application and confidently promote the best version of you.

  • Explore your potential, reclaim those long-forgotten talents. Grow in mental strength, natural resilience and self-belief.
  • Size: Hardcopy – A5 landscape, wire bound



It is such a great book! I will go back to it time and time again! 🙂

I would recommend “My Route to Navigating New Career Opportunities” to everyone – whether you think you need a new career or not. It is a very useful exercise book to have in your back pocket as it will highlight your strengths and allow you to see a clearer career path.

I first took the journey at the start of my maternity leave, when work was still a main priority. I then did the exercises again recently, 3 months before returning to work and my answers although similar in ambition are different. I think it is fair to say that my priorities have changed after welcoming our daughter into the world and this book made it very clear on my goals and objectives going forward. I have recently started a baking business from home which allows me to be creative but also strike a good work/life balance and be flexible with the hours I work so it does not impact the precious time with my daughter.

I know I will return to it time and time again when I get a little lost. As I am a creative, it is not just one thing that clicks my buttons and it’s understanding how I can channel my strengths to allow for a good work/life balance and inevitably be the happiest version of me.

Thank you so much Sheila!!

Kirstin Burnet of

2 reviews for Navigating New Career Opportunities (Hardcopy)

  1. S. Smith

    As well as being beautifully illustrated, these books are a practical tool to probe personal discovery. The exercises are really valuable and the tips and information provided are practical and relevant. Anyone considering a new career or setting out on their first career path should start with this book.

  2. Craig

    Really great book, very helpful and with well designed activities to help reinforce the learning.

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