Giving an E.P.I.C. Talk (Hardcopy)

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This Book in the Series will guide you to:

  • Help those nerves with a well-planned and rehearsed talk
  • Empathize with the audience by appreciating what is in it for them to listen to you
  • Be Engaging, Passionate, Impactful and Credible



  1. Starting Point
  2. Topic Decisions
  3. Preparing Content
  4. Finalising Content
  5. An E.P.I.C. Delivery
  6. Coping with Nerves
  7. Lessons Learnt
  8. New Horizons
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Does the thought of standing up to give a talk terrify you? Does your mind go blank and your nerves take over? Not anymore! Explore your own “Unique Route” and discover how you can develop techniques to give an E.P.I.C. talk by being Engaging; Passionate; Impactful and Credible.

  • Explore your potential, reclaim those long-forgotten talents and grow in natural resilience and self-belief.
  • Size: Hardcopy – A5 landscape, wire bound

1 review for Giving an E.P.I.C. Talk (Hardcopy)

  1. S. Smith

    As a Coach and L&D professional, I spend alot of time helping people prepare to talk in front of a crowd and more recently, in a virtual setting. This book really helps the individual discover their own style and deliver with confidence. It is a practical tool for anyone starting their journey or looking to refresh their skills. The whole series is a great addition to any personal development professionals toolkit, as well as individuals.

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