Evolving My Communication Style (Hardcopy)

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This Book in the Series will guide you to:

  • Discover how your communication style affects how you interact with others
  • Develop your listening, observation and questioning skills to build rapport
  • Positively influence others and build long term relationships



  1. How We Make Sense of the World
  2. Communication Barriers
  3. Listening and Observation Skills
  4. Asking Good Questions
  5. Positively Influencing Others
  6. Reflections
  7. Evolving My Communication Style
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When the reaction you got was not what you expected and you were unable to get others to do as you asked, explore your own “Unique Route” and discover insights into how to further develop your communication skills, namely how you listen, observe and question others effectively.

  • Explore your potential, reclaim those long-forgotten talents and grow in natural resilience and self-belief.
  • Size:     Hardcopy – A5 landscape, wire bound


1 review for Evolving My Communication Style (Hardcopy)

  1. Marjorie Smidt

    This book was an engaging and fun easy read. I especially liked the opportunity to think about and respond to ideas and techniques so at the completion I had a record of my thoughts and possible strategies. As the secretary of a local community organization I found Chapter 3 very useful. It caused me to make reconsider how I react and listen in committee meetings and I feel it improved my minute taking! This quote “We need to learn to hold our tongue, not interrupt and listen” in Chapter 4 struck a chord as I think I can sometimes talk too much without doing that (listening). The examples were very helpful and gave me a better understanding of the the ideas being outlined. For eg the scenario on page 25. made me aware of how when someone reacts differently to the way I expected, (or wanted!), I should examine why that was and how I could have caused a different outcome. Chapter 5 also had many useful techniques and strategies for use in committee meetings.
    I would highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to work with and communicate with others in a variety of roles including business settings or, as in my case, as part of the management of a voluntary organisation . In fact in any situation where we need to work effectively with others.

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