Services Section

We may believe our skills are “OK” but is “OK” good enough? Invest in your future growth.

The following T.I.P.S. services are provided although specific courses which will be tailored to suit the requirements and training needs of the individual(s) concerned and the organisation.


Identify with any of these comments?

How do I go about successfully promoting myself and my business?”
Certain members of my team seldom do what I ask!”
I steer clear of anything to do with  maths!”

Sample course outlines, exploring these issues include:

  • Personal effectiveness in communicating and interacting with others
  • Improving self confidence and self belief
  • Presenting with aplomb
  • Goal setting, leadership and performance management
  • Creating positive business relationships
  • Developing professional resilience, including mathematical resilience.

These can be customised to the needs of those attending and delivered as highly interactive group work shops or individual developmental coaching sessions.

A Certificate of Attendance is available on request.

Training Format

What format does the training take?

T.I.P.S. believes that people learn and develop skills if the environment is positive and there is a mix of theory, practice and fun. The sessions, which can be one-to-one or in small group format, are highly interactive and include the use of:

  • Games
  • Brainstorming
  • Discussion
  • Activities and questionnaires
  • Video analysis
  • Role play
  • Developing “Action Plans”

Relevant course notes will accompany all training sessions.

Evaluation of the impact of the training session will be carried out at both an informal and formal level, depending on the demands of the situation. A “Follow up” service is also provided to help monitor progress.

Developmental Coaching

Are you setting appropriate goals to realise your true potential?

Coaching is all about a dynamic relationship. It evolves over time and benefits everyone.
As I coach, I am there to help you articulate and achieve your goals through building self-belief and achieving long-term behavioural change.

Coaching is more about raising awareness of the imbalances that exist and helping you to find a way forward that will be of benefit, by uncovering your true values and producing the alignment that is needed for success.

To help, guide and support you in both discovering what you really want and how to transform your behaviours to achieve those goals, contact Sheila for one-to-one coaching sessions.

Life Mentoring

Are you looking for someone to challenge the goals you have set, share their own experiences, both good and bad to help you determine the best next step?

I have a diversity of experience which I believe supports my role as a Mentor. I will bring objectivity to our discussions, act as a sounding board, be your conscience and guide, while continuing to empower you, promote learning and review your current problems in relation to future aspirations both personal and professional.

In recognition for her commitment as a volunteer Business Mentor, Sheila Hamilton has been awarded a Certificate of Achievement by Business Mentoring Scotland. and a Mentor with Life Mentoring.

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