How is your emotional reservoir doing?

With life getting slowly back to “normal” – for now anyway – I decided to investigate any changes, for better or worse, in my ability to cope emotionally with all that is happening around me.

When lockdown first began, I was very focused on putting all my energies into staying safe, keeping positive, being proactive and supporting my nearest and dearest – thankfully our daughter was staying with us at the time. The weather was great, we had BBQs, went for walks, I was writing a 5th volume in “My Route to…” Series, so, to be honest, it was all a bit of a challenge, but then the novelty wore off!

Restrictions were imposed/ lifted/imposed/lifted…, I lost energy, became more resigned and apathetic and got easily distracted. Yet, at other times I was almost hyperactive! Now with both doses of the vaccine, I am indeed, feeling less unsure and anxious about going out and about, but there is always that little voice saying “beware!”

So, what advice would I give myself to help support more positivity and restock my own store of emotional resilience?

STEP 1: Consider what uses up my emotional reservoir by asking what do I truly care about?

I care about: supporting my family and friends; engaging with my community, both personally and professionally; doing as much for the environment as I can; keeping my brain active, by continually learning new things and also about keeping physically and mentally healthy and active.

I care about supporting and empowering people to reclaim their talents, push their boundaries and explore their potential, enabling them to achieve new heights of personal and professional self-belief, self-worth and success.

I care about leaving a legacy, using my own story to show others that we can learn from our mistakes and the hurdles we have overcome to confidently and positively move forward, especially in these new and challenging times.

I care about hearing the sound of genuine laughter – when is the last time you had the “giggles?” -and both maintaining and building genuine relationships, that will stand the test of time.

STEP 2: How do I replenish my own emotional reservoir?

  •  Embrace networking catch ups, whether on-line or face-to-face – speaking to others is vital
  • Eat healthy, keep active and get plenty sleep
  • Have time for “me” to relax, unwind and replenish my positivity
  • Become aware of when any “lethargy” kicks in
  • Distract myself form negativity by doing something I enjoy doing – from baking to playing golf; from reading a good book to now thankfully eating out
  • Have fun along the way and be grateful for the small things in life
  • Make a concerted effort to keep in touch with friends both virtually and in person and even write them letters – I love getting mail!
  • Be grateful for the wonders in nature around me, for the love of my family and friends and for the amazing people I have met and still have to meet

STEP 3: Affirm that “I am willing to continue to challenge myself, re-energise my positivity and live life to the full by monitoring my emotional reservoir and refilling it when needed.

So the next time you ask me how I am, I will be honest and tell you how full my emotional reservoir is!