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Have you the necessary skills to ensure that you can communicate and interact positively with others, are confident when putting across your point of view or indeed will collaborate in the performance management of others?

The following is an overview of topic areas which form the basis of the courses offered as group workshops or developmental coaching sessions both in-house and on-line. All courses will be tailored to specific needs and other topic areas can be addressed on request.

Developing professional resilience including “Mathematical Resilience” Do you panic, feel helpless and even paralysed when needed…

Personal effectiveness in communicating & interacting with others What good is having a wealth of knowledge and experience if we have problems…

Improving self confidence & self belief With society becoming more casual and faster paced, boundaries between professional and personal…

Presenting with aplomb Over three quarters of the business population still find a presentation daunting and it is certainly not easy to get…

Goal setting, leadership & performance management Teams are now an integral part of organisational life and as a Manager or Team Leader…

Creating positive business relationships The first impression we make on others affects how they feel about us and whether to continue listening…