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Creating Positive Business Relationships
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Personal effectiveness in communicating & interacting with others

What good is having a wealth of knowledge and experience if we have problems communicating that information effectively to others? What makes it so difficult? Why does it seem that no one understands us?

Even with modern technology, face to face discussions, both formal and informal, are critical for business success, so understanding how we communicate is vital in setting the atmosphere for positive on-going relationships to thrive.

Course Topics

  • Recognising and overcoming the everyday barriers
  • Understanding language styles and reflective listening
  • Understanding what influences patterns of behaviour
  • Influencing, persuading and negotiating with others.

Course Format

The sessions, which can be one-to-one or in small group format, are highly interactive and include the use of:

  • Brainstorming
  • Discussion
  • Activities and questionnaires
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Action planning

Relevant course notes will accompany all training sessions.

Evaluation of the impact of the training session will be carried out at both an informal and formal level, with “Follow up” service also available on request to help monitor progress.

A Certificate of Attendance is available on request.

Course Information

Course Id: Communication Skills

Room: To Be Confirmed

Days: Full or half day depending on numbers

Timings: To Be Confirmed