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Are you wanting to develop your potential but need some help?

Are you willing to consider long term changes in the way you think and behave?

A coaching relationship evolves over time and is about raising your awareness of any imbalances that exist between your thinking, feelings and behaviours, especially if they are holding you back either personally or professionally.

As an experienced and empathetic Coach, Sheila will be there to help you help yourself find the way forward. She will ask challenging questions to ensure you are considering all the options, pros and cons as well as investigating your commitment to these goals. The Coach is not there to tell you what to do!

It is by raising self awareness, uncovering your true values and beliefs that you will discover what you really want and the potential within. Through this collaborative process, you will then be empowered to not only set new goals, but be committed to successfully achieving them.

An initial exploratory discussion will determine the scheduling of the one-to-one hourly sessions and with the advances in technology, Sheila is happy to coach either at an agreed location or via Skype/Facetime.