Sheila Hamilton

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What’s in 3 seconds?

Are you the tortoise or the hare? Which pace reflects your daily life and what impact is that having on your stress levels? I was recently at a Google Analytics Workshop where I was told that, in general, people downloading a page will not wait much longer...
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The story behind the publication of “My Route to…” Series

What better vehicle for offering that support than a personal hands-on, activity-based workbook exploring the key personal and professional development themes of communication, leadership, self-confidence and public speaking?
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A moment’s reflection

Yesterday I had occasion to reflect on the passing of time. Time that illusive dimension and precious resource which is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “The successive states of the universe regarded as a whole whose every part or moment is before...
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What’s in a question?

Last week I was running a workshop for PSYBT on listening and questioning skills after our Quarterly Aftercare Advisors Meeting. One of the main points of discussion was how to convince clients to, for example, “keep up with the paperwork, accounts...
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What’s in a dream?

I had a dream. Yes, “had a dream” not “have a dream” and because of it I am now updating my blog, at long last! It was a very confusing dream and as usually happens I remembered it on wakening but am now struggling to recall the detail. The overwhelming...
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